Improving Our Community Waterways Together!

Downspout, Sump Pump and Plumbing Modification Programs 

MSD strives to keep rainwater out of the sewer system through cost-effective methods like downspout or sump pump disconnection. Keeping rainwater out of the sewer system helps prevent sewer overflows into our local waterways, and helps avoid sewer backups into homes.

Illicit connections to the sewer system can cause sewer overflows, which lead to pollution problems in our waterways. These connections let rainwater from gutters and downspouts flow directly into a sanitary or combined sewer. Improper connections increase the volume of water in the sewer system, contribute to sewer overflows that pollute our waterways and cause sewer backups into homes.

Downspout and Sump Pump Disconnection Program

Minimizing the amount of rainwater entering the combined sewer system

IMPORTANT ELIGIBILITY NOTE: In order for a downspout disconnection project to receive the one-time incentive of $100 per downspout, an MSD inspector must perform a pre-disconnection inspection to determine eligibility and a post-disconnection inspection to verify the work. In order for your downspout disconnection project to be eligible, you MUST contact MSD's Customer Service department prior to performing the downspout disconnection. MSD Customer Service can be reached at 502-587-0603.

  • Downspouts

    A typical 8-inch neighborhood sanitary sewer pipe can handle wastewater from approximately 200 homes. This pipe can become overwhelmed when as few as six homes have downspouts connected to the sewer line. To relieve this situation, MSD offers residential customers a one-time incentive of $100 per downspout for disconnection from the sewer system.

  • Sump Pumps

    Sump pumps connected to the sanitary sewer add hundreds of gallons of rainwater to the sanitary sewer system. The typical 8-inch neighborhood sanitary sewer pipe can become overwhelmed with as few as eight sump pumps connected to the system. The Sump Pump Disconnection Program allows MSD-approved plumbing to disconnect the sump pump from the sanitary sewer pipe and re-direct the water in a safe and effective way.

Plumbing Modification Program

Helping protect homes from flooding by decreasing basement backups

MSD’s Plumbing Modification Program (PMP) is available to assist residential property owners who have experienced a sewer backup at their property. MSD covers the cost of installing a sewer backflow prevention device, or an ejector pump, in the customer’s basement to greatly cut the risk of sewers backing up from the floor drain into the home. 

For more information concerning these programs, residential customers should call MSD’s Customer Relations Department─at 502-587-0603─or e-mail