Improving Our Community Waterways Together!

Tree Box InstallationTree Box Installation


MSD made a commitment through the Integrated Overflow Abatement Plan (IOAP) and MS4 Permit to use green infrastructure to aide in helping control the amount of water that goes into our sewer system. This also helps reduce sewer overflows. MSD offers several programs to better involve the community in implementing green infrastructure throughout our community in a joint effort to improving water quality. Click on the links below to find out more about each program.

Financial Incentives

Consent Decree TimelineMSD promotes green infrastructure techniques that help to capture stormwater and keep it from overwhelming Louisville’s aging sewer system that reduces pollution from entering creeks and waterways. Green infrastructure best management practices (GMPs) utilize engineered systems that are designed to capture, cleanse and ultimately reduce the amount of stormwater entering sewers, creeks and waterways. To encourage green practices, MSD developed a Financial Incentive program to receive either a stipend or a credit.

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Urban Reforestation Program

Trees are vital to our overall community health and welfare. MSD is committed to an Urban Reforestation tree-planting schedule of 1,000 trees annually. We are committed to planting 14,000 trees by 2024 as part of this Urban Reforestation Program, which is concentrated within Louisville’s combined sewer overflow boundaries. read more

Downspout Disconnection

Illicit connections to the sewer system can cause sewer overflows, which lead to pollution problems in our waterways. These connections let rainwater from gutters and downspouts flow directly into a sanitary or combined sewer. Improper connections increase the volume of water in the sewer system, contribute to sewer overflows that pollute our waterways and cause sewer backups into homes. read more