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MSD holds first Construction Field Day


The first annual MSD Construction Field Day was held at Fairdale High School on August 5. The adoption of the Wastewater/ Stormwater Discharge Regulations—effective August 1, 2013— requires green infrastructure for development or redevelopment. MSD’s Field Day provided developers, engineers and contractors with an opportunity to learn about the use and proper installation of green infrastructure in managing stormwater and the new permit requirements. MSD’s Pat Barry, James Heid, David Johnson, Bob Pifine, Lori Rafferty, Bob Stauble and Wes Sydnor presented informative sessions covering an array of green infrastructure and stormwater topics.

PowerPoint Presentations:

Floodplain Ordinance and Permitting - David Johnson and Lori Rafferty

Green Program Overview - Wes Sydnor

Hazardous Material Ordinance - James Heid

MS4 Permit and Requirements - Wes Sydnor

MSD’s Stormwater Inspection Program & The MS4 - Bob Pifine

Stormwater Plan Submittal Process - Lori Rafferty and Pat Barry

Managing Green Construction - Bob Stauble

PAM/Flocculants and Wattles - Bob Stauble

Click here to view Field Day Flyer