Improving Our Community Waterways Together!

Urban Reforestation Program


Trees are vital to our overall community health and welfare. MSD is committed to an Urban Reforestation tree-planting schedule of 1,000 trees annually. We are committed to planting 14,000 trees by 2024 as part of this Urban Reforestation Program, which is concentrated within Louisville’s combined sewer overflow boundaries.

Trees offer these benefits:

  • Intercepting rainwater before it enters the sewer system;
  • Decreasing flooding by soaking up large amounts of water;
  • Providing shade and cooling temperatures;
  • Minimizing air pollution by removing carbon dioxide from the air;
  • Furnishing aesthetic benefits to our city’s streetscape; and
  • Reducing sewer overflows through rain absorption.

MSD is searching for groups within Louisville Metro that are interested in tree grants of up to $40,000 each. Businesses, industries, nonprofit groups and neighborhood associations qualify to apply. The general guidelines for applicants who are interested in our Urban Reforestation Program are outlined below:

  • A map that illustrates proposed tree locations (a planting plan);
  • A manifest that shows the number, sites, costs and kinds of proposed trees;
  • A tree maintenance plan and schedule;
  • Details concerning the trees’ root bed (such as depths and areas); and
  • Conformity with the Louisville Metro Land Development Code tree list.

MSD is seeking partners for our Urban Reforestation Program.

For more information, please contact: Wesley Sydnor, PE

Senior Technical Services Engineer

MSD 700 West Liberty Street

Office: 502-540-6274